Friday, January 30, 2009

the most points on a single turn in the game of scrabble

Was for the word "quixotry". 365 by a carpenter named Michael Cresta in Lexington, Mass.

Sheila Schwartz has a new book coming out entitled "Lies Will Take You Somewhere". It's kind of like a twisted travelogue about self-deception, love and family. There will be a celebration of the publication of this novel by Etruscan Press on Feb. 28th at the Lit. Sheila, who taught at Cleveland State, unfortunately passed away in November 2008 after a lengthy battle with cancer - an incredibly sad loss to the Cleveland literary community. I am currently reading the book, and writing a review that I hope will find a home soon.

I have been writing film synopses for the program guide of the Cleveland International Film Festival. This fulfills my lifelong goal of getting paid to sit on my couch and watch movies. Seriously: go see "German Plus Rain," "Pachamama" and "El Camino." So many films, so little time. What better way to escape the snowmelt/snowfall season that we call March here in the Cleve.

This week, I had a piece published in Crain's Cleveland Business, in a special section about alumni at colleges and universities. The piece that I wrote is about the challenges and opportunities that schools face in using technology to reach out to and engage alumni.

And finally, here's my recession story: as I said last year, "bad year for real estate, good year for writing". The state of the economy has pushed and prodded me to focus on my writing, and lately I've been freelancing and writing non-fiction and poetry like nobody's business (what does that phrase mean, anyway?). As always, if you've got a referral, please send it my way.

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